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IRMCO water-based lubricant is an engineering material based on water, which is safe, environment friendly, and non-combustible and without any oil or solvent. It comprises of extremely pressure resistant and super lubricating material and can solve the most difficult male mould deep-drawing. Moreover, it is made up with patent heat sensitive anti-fuse chemical formulation, and the polymer material can form a hard lubricating film which have an extreme stamping resistant ability. The film is thin but stronger than the thick oil film. It is not conventional soap based lubricant but is a lubricant that truly dissolves in water.

It has a great cooling effect due to the water base. Water can take away heat during evaporation (as long as there is water, the temperature will not exceed 100℃ under ambient temperature). Dilution stability can assure the quality consistency which can bring real cost saving and more cost can be saved in the following processes.

Enterprise can improve their control point of management with the help of IRMCO: stamping forming, welding, cleaning, application and environment-friendly discharge, etc.
1.Improves forming quality, reduces scale deposit, extends mould cleaning cycle, reduces downtime and prolongs lifetime of the mould.
2.New coating equipment can help enterprises to realize automatic update and labor cost reduction (circa RMB 50,000/man/year).
3.Micro jet technology can effectively control the dosage of lubricant, which is 15% of the oil consumption or even less.
4.Effective automatic lubrication and excellent cooling performance, which can improve the stamping frequency of individual equipment from 10 times/min to 15 times/min and the total capacity can be improved by 50%.
5.It has an excellent performance on high-strength steel.

Direct welding:
1.Eliminates the need of cleaning or wiping before welding and saves high-temperature energy consumption cost.
2.Reduces labor cost of cleaning and wiping.
3.Avoids false soldering and gas cavity and improves welding quality.

Easy to clean:
1.Turns the repeated high temperature degreasing washing into ambient temperature washing in clean water for only 1-2 times.
2.Eliminates degreasing process and zero degreaser application.
3. Cleaning water temperature reduces from 70℃ to 25℃, which can reduce energy cost.
4.Extends the cleaning tank replacement cycle to more than two times and comprehensively save water up to 75%.
5. Reduces cleaning techniques required and improve production process.

Security, Environmental Protection and Emission Reduction:
1.Increases production and no investment on waste water treatment is required.
2.75% sewage discharge reduction (the cost for waste water treatment is RMB 1500/ton in Dalian City) .

Lubricant Performance Comparison




●No flash point
●consumption decreased by 50%, excellent permeability &cooling nature—protect mold from high temperature &high pressure—extend mold usage life, reduce rejection ratio;
●It can lower the level of metal stamping—save a large number of costs;
●keep workshop cleaning—avoid mopping floor/eliminate grease in the mold.
●Have a flash point;
●high consumption, permeability & poor cooling—over-temperature/over-pressure shutdown failure—excessive abrasive molds, increase rejection ratio;
●high costs for cleaning workshop—floor desiccant;
●floor/mold that
●accumulate large of grease.
Clean welding – welding without pre-cleaning;
It avoids cold joint;
Easy to check welding quality;
Clean and easy to carry
Extend usage life of gloves.
Minimum odor/small smoke.
Sintering grease produced by welding;
Not easy to check welding quality;
Severe grease, difficult carriage;
Large consumptions of gloves;
Harmful welding—large odor/smoke.
Clean with water or weak alkakine;
Extend life of clean pooling water;
Reduce sediment to 75% by cleaning;
Avoid re-cleaning;
43℃ - reduce energy consumption.
Require strong harmful detergent;
Rapid cleaning pooling water pollution;
Require to clean sediments in the pool
High level of sewage discharge.
Require often to re-clean
High cleanliness of workpiece – to improve spray adhesion;
Paint can be sprayed more thinly;
Non-porous, non-flow, non-bubble and
subsidence hole;
Compatible with electrical paint and powerpaint.
Low cleanliness of workpiece to effect spray quality.
Paint surface is easy to produce pores, flow and
subsidence hole;
Poor compatibility with high solids;
Increases rework rate and spraying costs.
Can be discharged directly into sewerage
Slop emission can be reduced by 75%
Non discharge cost or responsibility of damaging
the environment.
Strict limits on emission;
High slop& sewage discharging;
High cost of disposal & treatment, long-term
responsibility of environment

How does the investment on lubricant have an effect on your operating cost?

By now, the managers of many metal stamping companies have focused on stamping lubricant. It is because that a new data shows that stamping lubricant plays an important driven role in efficient benefit of metal stamping company. According to the statistic by American Precision Metal-forming Association (PMA), the costs on metal management and direct labor of a general metal stamping company account for 70% of the total cost, all of which are huge costs. The cost for metal forming lubricant only accounts for 5% of the total cost, but it directly influence the metal rejection rate, down-time and direct labor input.

The lubricant cost only accounts for 0.5% of the total cost, but it can influence other 70% of the total cost.

Economic problem:

Which item can save more money for you, reducing 50% of lubricant cost or 3% of metal cost?

Apparently enterprises should improve their choice on lubricant products to reduce the reject ratio of metal, downtime and direct labor input, so that they can achieve the goal of overall cost reduction.

Automatic Spraying


“Develop advanced lubricating technology, significantly improve user’s metal forming production process and working condition, improve production and make contribution to environment protection”. This is the only driven force of IRMCO. With development and innovative inspiring sprite, IRMCO continuously promotes the research pace and the ability of solving problems. For this purpose, IRMCO research institution has invested more than 25% excess budget on system construction such as new product development, environment enhancement, resource support, etc. IRMCO is seeking environment improvement and protection while enhancing the technology and product quality.

IRMCO technologies and products have got wide recognition and application since its entry into the market, and rapidly replace the traditional stamping lubricating products, marking its leading position worldwide. There is no company getting so many recognition and approval as IRMCO. Based on the excellent performance of IRMCO stamping technology, its high quality service has been offered to more than 500 world level companies at present, especially by its cooperation with motor corporations such as GM, Ford, Benz, BMW, Nissan, Honda, etc and companies such as Harley-Davidson, Wirlpool, Linuo, Trane, etc. While gaining their recognition, IRMCO helps them to solve the problems brought by traditional technologies. IRMCO technologies and products get continuous enhancement and optimization in practical application by the successful cooperation with these enterprises, which also provide wider spaces for higher level development in the future.

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